Oreacle knife gate valves being manufactured

Impeccable Construction

Each Oreacle knife gate valve is custom fabricated, machined and assembled to our engineer's exact specifications.
Oreacle knife gate valves can be manufactured in dozens of various alloys

Valve Body & Trim Materials

As metallurgy is dependent on application specifications, these valves are available in dozens of standard and exotic alloys (e.g. carbon steel, 316 SS, Hastelloy, Titanium, etc).
Oreacle isolation knife gate valves ready to be shipped

Diameter Range & Pressure Class

From low pressure gravity feed applications to systems with up to 740 PSI, SlurryFlo manufactures the following Oreacle valves for line sizes up to 48":
Low pressure (MSS SP-81)
ANSI 150: 
285 PSI (MSS SP-135)
ANSI 300: 
740 PSI (MSS SP-135)
Oreacle knife gate valves have many heavy-duty lifting points

safe handling

Multiple heavy-duty lifting points are strategically located and integral to each Oreacle knife gate valve. This provides options for safe handling and simplifies the installation process.
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Oreacle knife gate valves are custom designed and manufactured in Canada, allowing our engineering team to adapt the top plate to suit any actuator type, brand and model.

Oreacle knife gate valves can suit any actuator type, brand and model

Parts Breakdown

Parts breakdown of an Oreacle knife gate valve

Valve Dimensions

Oreacle knife gate valve dimensions
Face-to-face dimension
Flange OD
Flange bolt circle
Size of tapped holes
Quantity of bolt holes per flange
Note 1:
All dimensions are in inches.
Note 2:
Consult SlurryFlo for valve sizes above 48".
Note 3:
SlurryFlo is a custom valve manufacturer. All dimensions shown above can be modified to suit customer specifications, or any other valve standard.
Note 4:
Flange bolt quantity, bolt circle diameter and bolt threads are as per ASME B16.5, Class 150 & 300 for NPS ≤ 24" and ASME B16.47 (Series A), Class 150 & 300 for ≥ 24".
Note 5:
All valve designs are compliant to ASME B16.34, with pressure containing welds compliant to ASME Section IX.
Oreacle knife gate schematic
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custom engineering

SlurryFlo engineers use state-of-the-art 3D design tools (CAD, FEA and CFD) to build and analyze Oreacle valves in a virtual world. The result is a customized knife gate valve that meets your exact application requirements.

Custom engineered knife gate valvesCustom engineering design tools for oreacle valvesCFD models for custom Oreacle valves
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Canadian Registration Number (CRN):

Oreacle knife gate valve CRN stamp

SlurryFlo holds an ABSA CRN for all Oreacle knife gate valve designs (up to fully rated ANSI 300 rating w/ MSS SP-135 standard).

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