Full Port

The Oreacle valve bore is engineered to match the pipe I.D. exactly. Flow passes through the full port without interruption, minimizing turbulence and erosion to the valve components and downstream piping.

Oreacle knife gate isolation valve's flush bore

Tri-Seat Design

A heavy-duty perimeter seat is steel reinforced and mechanically retained via T-lock geometry. The resilient material and wide cross-section provide excellent durability and long-term wear resistance. 

Additional resilient seats (embedded into each bore liner and protected from abrasive flow) maintain consistent 'bubble tight' shut-off. Finally, a metal-to-metal seating surface delivers the final safeguard by ensuring closure is achieved, every time.

Oreacle knife gate valve Class V, wear resistant seat
Oreacle knife gate valve unibody design

unibody design

The heavy-duty valve body is custom fabricated to form a one-piece unit. The result is a robust 'unibody' design, which is engineered for severe service applications.

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Oreacle knife gate valve bore liner features

bore liners

Wear Protection

The bore liners can be protected with a welded hard overlay (applied to entire bore ID), providing superior wear protection against abrasive slurry.


Upstream and downstream bore liners can be rotated incrementally to extend the valve's service life (if localized wear patterns occur).

replaceable trim

Due to the Oreacle's unique design, only the trim components are exposed to erosive flow (i.e. seats, bore liners and gate). Once they do eventually wear out, these components can be replaced to reset the service life clock.

There is no need to purchase and install a new valve assembly (often the case with other designs). Each trim replacement essentially provides a new valve at a fraction of the cost.

Parts breakdown of the replaceable trim of an Oreacle knife gate valve

modular clevis

A 3-piece modular clevis disassembles quickly and is bolted directly onto the gate. This feature simplifies the valve's field serviceability.

packing design

A precision machined packing gland minimizes leakage and is 'live loaded' to increase the time between service intervals.

gate lockout

The centralize gate lockout (for open/close) is calculated to withstand the actuator's full force without bending the pin.
Oreacle valve additional features such as modular clevis and centralized packing design
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